Validation of test steps logs within test instance

The aim of this page is to explain how the validation result displayed on a test instance page are retrieved from the EVSClient tool.

When a test instance is created, the page looks like:

Test Instance Step on creation



The are different possibilities, like the next sequence diagram shows :


Validation status sequence diagram



If we choose the first case, which is to add the permanent link from the proxy in a step message :


Addition of proxy permanent link in step message



When it 'is added :


proxy permanent link added



The file is to be validated in Proxy to EVSClient, the test instance page looks like (use the refresh button is not) :


After validation in EVS



We can see in data column  the last validation status from EVSClient.

We can see in EVSClient status column :

-A color button (green=passed, blue=unknown or not performed, red=failed)

-The last date when the status was verified

-The refresh button

If the user clickon color button, then he is redirected towards the last result of validation.

If the user click on refresh button, then TM reloads the last validation status.

The button's color evolves according to the result and the date is update.