[Deprecated] WADO validator

Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation 

Gazelle WADO Validator

Gazelle WADO Validator is dedicated to the validation of WADO request message through SOAP web service calls.

The validation of WADO request can be performed against DICOM PS 3.18 or IHE RAD TF-3 (RAD-55 transaction) standards. Notice that perform a validation against IHE RAD TF-3 includes the validation against DICOM PS 3.18.

This validation service is available through a web service API so it can be integrated in your application. If you wish to validate messages occasionnaly you can use the Gazelle Validation Front-End called EVS Client which puts at your disposal a user interface to validate WADO requests, HL7 messages, CDA documents, XD* requests and so on.

Web Service

The web service API of the tool offers three methods:

  •     validateDocument(): validates the given message and sends back a validation report
  •     about(): gives information about the running version of the tool
  •     getListOfValidators() : return the list of validator names. Each validator represent a standard against the message can be validated.

The definition of the web service API is available here.

The validateDocument() method has the following prototype:

public String validateDocument(String, String) throws SOAPException ;
  •     The first parameter stands for the message to validate itself.
  •     The second parameter is the validator to use for validation. The available names list can be retreive using getListOfValidators().

EVSClient Validation

EVSClient use the webservice to offer a GUI for validation the WADO requests.

To access to the validation page you go to http://gazelle.ihe.net/EVSClient/ and from the menu -> IHE -> DICOMWeb -> Validate, you will access to this page :


Select the validator "IHE - WADO", and then copy and past the WADO URL to validate.

Example :


Click then on the button validate.

The result of validation will then displayed. It contains checks about the structure of the WADO request entered :

  • checks of the parameters entered
    • the structure of each attribute (the OID, etc)
    • check of mandatory parameters
    • etc
  • checks of the consistencies between the parameters

Here an example of a result of validation of a wado request.

Access to existing WADO validation results

You can access to the results of already validated WADO requests using the menu -> IHE -> WADO -> Validation logs