Web service for validation

Numerous validation services exposed by Gazelle only needs two methods :

  • to list the avalaible validators (might be restricted  by a distinguisher attribute)
  • to perform the validation itself (uses the file to validate and the name of the validator to use)

When those two methods can be the basis of your validation SOAP web service, you can use the new module net.ihe.gazelle:gazelle-validation-ws. It embeds an interface to declre the web service, an abstract implementation of this interface and classes to store statistics about the usage of the tool.

Maven information


Then you can create your web service as follows

@WebService(name = "ModelBasedValidationWS", serviceName = "ModelBasedValidationWSService", portName = "ModelBasedValidationWSPort", targetNamespace = "http://ws.mb.validator.gazelle.ihe.net")
public class GazelleHL7v3ValidationWS extends AbstractModelBasedValidation {

Finally, to store the statistics in the database of your application, implement the ValidatorUsageProvider interface and annotate this new class with @MetaInfService(ValidatorUsageProvider.class)