Starting at the EU2018 Connectathon, we added a new no-peer Connectathon test that asks XDS-I Imaging Document Source systems to create manifests for two studies provided by Connectathon technical managers. This differs from earlier years where Imaging Document Source systems created manifests for studies they provide (you will still be able to do that for peer-to-peer Connectathon tests).

This pre-Connectathon test gives you the opportunity to prepare those manifests before you arrive at Connectathon, to save you some time in the beginning of the week. 

Instructions for XDS-I.b Imaging Document Source:

The Connectathon test you are preparing for contains all of the instructions, so we will not duplicate them here.


  1. Go to Gazelle Test Management for your Connectathon.
    For EU: https://gazelle.ihe.net/EU-CAT/home.seam or for NA: https://gazelle.iheusa.org/gazelle-na/home.seam
  2. On your Main Connectathon Page, filter the list of tests, and find the no-peer Connectathon test "XDS-I.b_Manifest_and_Metadata".
  3. Read the "Test Description" section to get an overview of the test.
  4. Perform test steps 10 through 40.  This will enable you to download the two DICOM studies (a DX study and a CT study) onto your Imaging Document Source, create two associated XDS-I manifests, and also upload the manifest for the CT study into the samples area of Gazelle.
  5. We will not evaluate your manifest prior to Connectathon.  You will also have to wait until Connectaton week to submit your manifests to the NIST XDS Toolkit so that your metadata can be checked.

We hope that reading the new Connectathon test, loading the two studies, and preparing the manifests in advance of the Connectathon, is helpful for you.