Digital COVID Certificate Validator

The EU digital-covid-certificate Validator is an open-source Validation Service (under Apache 2 licence) provided by IHE Europe Gazelle Test Bed for verifying conformity of generated certificates to the EU specifications.

Sources & binaries

The sources are accessible here:

Bugs and issue tracking are accessible here : The name of the latest release, can be obtained in the “Releases” section.

To get official artifact (binaries), search for dcc-validator-service in IHE Nexus : and select the app.dcc-validator-service.war artifact for download.


Application server

Patient registry need to be deployed on Widlfly-18. Please read first the documentation on how to install and configure this server for Gazelle applications : general considerations for WildFly 18


Copy the war artifact app.dcc-validator-service-X.X.X.war in the deployment folder of the wildfly installation under the name app.dcc-validator-service. This is important for the path on which DCC Validator’s web services will be exposed.

cp app.dcc-validator-service-X.X.X.war /usr/local/wildfly18/standalone/deployments/app.dcc-validator-service.war

Start wildfly. The API can be accessed at (depending on your configured host and port): http://localhost:8080/dcc-validator/dccValidationService?wsdl

Operational Preferences

DCC validator defines mandatory Operational Preferences that you will have to define in your Application server. To know how to do that, see General considerations for WildFly 18

Define a resource in your server with name java:/app/gazelle/dcc-validator/operational-preferences.

This resource should refer to a file. This file shall contain the following properties :

Property Name  Description  Example value 
svssimulator.url URL of Simulator http://localhost/SVSSimulator
truststore.path Path of the truststore containing the trusted certificates that issues Digital covid certificates /opt/dcc-validator/truststore.jks
truststore.password Password of the truststore containing the trusted certificates that issues Digital covid certificates password

Configure WildFly 18 for DCC Validator

Install factories module

  1. Stop wildfly and go to
    sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/wildfly18/modules/system/layers/base/net/ihe/gazelle/factories/main
    cd /usr/local/wildfly18/modules/system/layers/base/net/ihe/gazelle/factories/main
  2. Download module factories.jar
    sudo wget
  3. Create module.xml file ```xml

4. Add `jboss:jboss-admin` rights
sudo chown jboss:jboss-admin *
sudo chmod 775 *
  1. Stop Wildfly and edit standalone.xml in /usr/local/wildfly18/standalone/configuration ; add the factories binding in the naming subsystem :

Replace this property ${DEPLOYMENT_PROPERTIES} with your own path to the deployment property:

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:naming:2.0">
      <object-factory name="java:/app/gazelle/dcc-validator/operational-preferences" module="net.ihe.gazelle.factories" class="net.ihe.gazelle.factories.PropertiesFactory">
            <property name="path" value="${DEPLOYMENT_PROPERTIES}"/>