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  • [EVSCLT-545] Webservice to get last validation permanent link return last validation date
  • [EVSCLT-222] DiskStorePathManager for CacheManager is set to /tmp
  • [EVSCLT-525] Validation of PDF embedded in CDA does not work
  • [EVSCLT-526] UserAdmin.css is not used but embedded in the EAR. Should be removed.
  • [EVSCLT-527] Calling tool page : Table scrolling does not work.
  • [EVSCLT-463] EVSClient - epSOS Validators - Reset button changes validators
  • [EVSCLT-468] When Schematron validation is performed, the validation result is empty
  • [EVSCLT-472] XD* Validation : XSL model based report has old style
  • [EVSCLT-477] HL7v2 validation report : “Profile exceptions” panel has old style
  • [EVSCLT-482] AuditMessage validation report xsl has old style
  • [EVSCLT-483] DSUB validation report XSL has old style
  • [EVSCLT-519] Missing for 5.0.0 on nexus
  • [EVSCLT-522] The creation of a new reference standard does not save the name of the referenced standard



  • [EVSCLT-521] in Manage referenced standards the filtering related to extension disapeared