EVSClient 5.7.0 changes


  • [EVSCLT-774] TM does not display the right result for PDF validation from EVSClient (sample validation)

Message Content Analyzer 2.1.0 changes


  • [MCA-60] Define and Externalize MCA configuration

Cross Validation 1.1.0 changes


  • [XVAL-19] API Implement a web service for remote validation
  • [XVAL-104] Each X Validator shall have an OID
  • [XVAL-105] “Tag” the inputs
  • [XVAL-116] Remote validation - Handle the case where the validator OID is not provided
  • [XVAL-119] Allow the user to access the XValidator documentation knowing the OID of the validator


All dependencies are up to date.


A new module has been released : Gazelle Calling Tools 1.0.0. This module is now in dependence in a jar with EVSClient and Gazelle X Validation module embedded in EVSClient.