EVSClient 5.9.0 changes

All changes come from the update of the Message Content Analyzer version.

Message Content Analyzer 2.2.0 changes


  • [MCA-31] Blank page when trying to access an analysis result report with unappropriated rights.
  • [MCA-76] XML part download does not show the popup + file extension


  • [MCA-69] Add Sample field in configuration
  • [MCA-74] Improve the MCA Config page
  • [MCA-75] Add import/export functionality for MCA configurations
  • [MCA-79] Change GUI info to popovers


All dependencies are up to date.


WARNING : When deploying EVSClient version 5.9.0 , make sure that EVSClient version 5.8.x has been deployed on the server and that the migration of analysis data is over. You can then deploy this version and apply the SQL script without loosing any analysis data.