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  • [GWT-53] SoapUI Disabled test-suites / test-cases must not be displayed
  • [GWT-69] The kind of runned soap is missing from the table of execution list


  • [GWT-9] Log messages exchanged with the soapUI mock
  • [GWT-43] The tool must validate request and response with EVSClient
  • [GWT-50] As admin I wand to enable/disable SoapUI projects
  • [GWT-51] Be able to select which test-suite / test-case can be run
  • [GWT-52] Be able to edit SoapUI project configurations


  • [GWT-60] Make the input text fields longer
  • [GWT-64] Problem with the configuration of the certificate
  • [GWT-65] We need to be able to download the request, the response after executing a test
  • [GWT-68] I need to see the parameter with which was executed the test; they are not shown in the permanent link
  • [GWT-71] Apero CAS
  • [GWT-78] Create webservices beteween TM and GWT
  • [GWT-84] Update postgresql driver to version 42.2.1-jre7