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  • [PAM-310] Validation of fhir instances in PIXm / PDQm are not possible (conflict between xerces and fhir parser)
  • [PAM-333] Please fix sonar issue on socket not closed
  • [PAM-349] When asking for patient to our PDQm FHIR server, there is sometimes a “transaction failed”
  • [PAM-384] Fix issue in JSON business rules rendering
  • [PAM-388] User is required to provide receiving app and facility for fhir SUT
  • [PAM-389] PAM-132:Query a SUT with the PIXm client
  • [PAM-391] PDQm/PDS; search should be case insensitive
  • [PAM-392] PDQm/PDS: inconsistency when we query for json format
  • [PAM-396] PIXm consumer: clear parameter button does not work


  • [PAM-285] Create a hapi-fhir based server to handle pixm and pdqm
  • [PAM-309] Display returned patient with demographics data in XML / JSON
  • [PAM-314] Configure PDQm server
  • [PAM-322] Planification on PatientManager + answer mails
  • [PAM-328] Parse FHIR HTTP GET request with ANTLR tool
  • [PAM-332] Integrate ANTLR grammar for PIXM in PatientManager (FHIR)
  • [PAM-335] Integrate ANTLR grammar for PDQm in Patient Manager
  • [PAM-336] Add Mother’s Maiden name FHIR extension in PDQm server
  • [PAM-342] In PDQm client, handle address parameter to search in each of the sub-fields of database address
  • [PAM-343] Specify a target domain in PDQm to filter results
  • [PAM-344] Add a PDQm PDS configuration page
  • [PAM-348] Add the support of HTML rendering for XML and JSON FHIR instances
  • [PAM-351] Validation of responses in PIXM
  • [PAM-352] Validation of responses in PDQM
  • [PAM-353] Pagination in PDQm
  • [PAM-359] Create XSL transformer for FHIR (PIXM / PDQM)
  • [PAM-362] Link PIXM and PDQM assertions to assertion manager rules
  • [PAM-363] Update PIXM ATNTLR grammar to handle more cases
  • [PAM-364] Production report for Patient Manager 9.4.0
  • [PAM-365] Update code to new simulator-common and new hl7common for PatientManagerFhir
  • [PAM-372] Create tests on TestLink to cover Patient Manger 9.4.0 (FHIR)
  • [PAM-373] Merge FHIR branch in the trunk
  • [PAM-380] Create cookbook for PatientManager
  • [PAM-381] Update PAM Fhir Dependencies
  • [PAM-382] Create cookbook for FhirValidator
  • [PAM-383] Deploy with chef and knife solo Patient Manager Fhir on Sake
  • [PAM-401] Merge PatientManager with fhir dev in the trunk and update dependencies


  • [PAM-312] PDQ demographic field “birthdate” must be a Date not a String
  • [PAM-313] Change gender selection in PDQ from String to dropdown menu with authorized values
  • [PAM-355] Add PIXm server config in Patient Manager FHIR
  • [PAM-377] CAS login redirects to the same page instead of the home page
  • [PAM-390] I would expect the tool to notify the user when no result is available on PIXm manager side


Building PAMSimulator 9.4.0

— gazelle-plugins:1.54:check-dependencies (default-cli) @ PAMSimulator — Check dependencies :: All the dependencies are up to date.

Building PAMSimulator - EJB - JAR 9.4.0

— gazelle-plugins:1.54:check-dependencies (default-cli) @ PAMSimulator-ejb — Check dependencies :: All the dependencies are up to date.

Building PAMSimulator - WAR 9.4.0

— gazelle-plugins:1.54:check-dependencies (default-cli) @ PAMSimulator-war — Check dependencies :: All the dependencies are up to date.

Building PAMSimulator - EAR 9.4.0 — gazelle-plugins:1.54:check-dependencies (default-cli) @ PAMSimulator-ear — Check dependencies :: All the dependencies are up to date.