All changes - 9.4.5


  • [PAM-408] When updating to gazelle-tools:3.0.25 or higher, fix dependencies to asm

All changes - 9.5.0

Technical task

  • [PAM-402] Update model so that a patient can have multiple addresses


  • [PAM-360] [PDQV3/PDC] “Clean up” button does not empty the content of the birth date field
  • [PAM-410] PIX Source: When BP6 option is activated for PAM, PIX messages (ITI-30) embeds the ZFD segment and shall not
  • [PAM-411] Add a link to value sets in the menu
  • [PAM-419] Patient identifier set in the XCPD query form are not saved as part of the pre-defined query


  • [PAM-412] [Sequoia/XCPD] Patient Manager shall be able to handle XUA assertions on XCPD messages
  • [PAM-413] [Sequoia/XCPD] User shall be able to query their XCPD Init GW with more than one name
  • [PAM-424] [CH-PIX] Update PIXV3 Feed messages
  • [PAM-446] Merge Patient Manager (Sequoia) branch into trunk


  • [PAM-115] [PDQv3/PDC] Add other parameters
  • [PAM-415] [XCPD/Sequoia] XCPD Init GW shall be able to send queries with multiple names
  • [PAM-420] Allow user to send XCPD queries with multiple livingSubjectId elements


All dependencies are up-to-date.


The database scheme has been strongly modified, application will not work properly until you have execute the 9.5.0-update.sql script to update your database.