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  • [PAM-421] Acknowledgement element is missing in PIXV3 query response
  • [PAM-456] [CH:PDQ/PDC] There is no need to be able to query on the father’s name, remove this field from the query form
  • [PAM-464] Cannot activate/deactivate all patients
  • [PAM-466] Troubles with “deactivate” feature of assigning authority
  • [PAM-467] Cannot delete test data


  • [PAM-393] When a patient is generated, depending on the country, some fields shall be hidden
  • [PAM-422] [CH-PIX/PDQ] Create a new entity to manage Next-of-kins
  • [PAM-423] [CH-PIX/PDQ/XCPD] Allow the administrator of the tool to switch to CH extension
  • [PAM-424] [CH-PIX] Update PIXV3 Feed messages


  • [PAM-153] [PIXV3] Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager updates a patient
  • [PAM-154] [PIXV3] Patient Identifier Cross-Reference Manager merges patient records
  • [PAM-427] [CH-PDQ] Allow the user to search by Father/Mother
  • [PAM-428] [CH-PDQ] Make the PDQV3 query conform to eHealthSuisse specifications
  • [PAM-429] [CH-PDQ] Make the PDQV3 Query Response conform to eHealthSuisse constraints
  • [PAM-430] [CH-PIX/PDQ/XCPD] Update user manual for PatientManager
  • [PAM-431] [CH-XCPD] Allow the user to send a CH-XCPD query
  • [PAM-432] [CH-XCPD] Make XCPD Responding GW response compliant with CH-XCPD constraints
  • [PAM-461] Allow the administrator to manage identifiers when he/she create new patients


All dependencies are up-to-date


This release includes the Swiss extensions to the PIXV3, PDQV3 and XCPD profiles.