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Technical task

  • [PAM-504] New menu entry
  • [PAM-505] List connectathons patients
  • [PAM-506] Create a “connectathon” actor
  • [PAM-507] Update All patients list not to show the “connectathon” patient
  • [PAM-508] Sharing of Connectathon demographics
  • [PAM-509] PDQm/PDQ/PDQV3 supplier shall look into the list of connectathon demographics
  • [PAM-510] PIXm/PIX/PIXV3 manager shall look into the list of connectathon demographics
  • [PAM-511] Manage the links between the system and the assigning authorities
  • [PAM-512] Add a ‘connectathon purpose’ option to the assigning authority object
  • [PAM-513] Allow the administrator to create patient by uploading FHIR Patient resources


  • [PAM-527] When the administrator imports FHIR Patient resources, the address line is not stored in database


  • [PAM-502] Move to the new apereo CAS
  • [PAM-503] Connectathon Demographics Sharing
  • [PAM-525] Allow users to download connectathon patients as a FHIR resources


  • [PAM-331] Allow the user to select a subset of identifiers to send
  • [PAM-477] PatientManager considerations for assigning authority values in HL7 FHIR


Use of net.ihe.gazelle.maven:version:2.0.0 is limited to applications running on Jboss8. All other dependencies are up-to-date.


This new version of the tools is to be connected to the new Gazelle SSO (Apereo). When deploying the tool, make sure you have the configuration file available at /opt/gazelle/cas/, also update the cas_url preference of the tool.