• [SCHVAL-43] When updating the XSD schema on the server, it is not taken into account by the tool
  • [SCHVAL-123] When updating to gazelle-tools:3.0.25 or higher, fix dependencies to asm
  • [SCHVAL-113] When an entry only as an XSD (no schematron), the compile button shall not be available
  • [SCHVAL-128] When creating a schematron entry, the path to the xsd and the schematron file is required
  • [SCHVAL-129] [EFS] Unable to retrieve schematron in EVSClient


  • [SCHVAL-109] Support to the Schematrons generated by ART-DECOR
  • [SCHVAL-126] Validation report gives wrong information


  • [SCHVAL-131] In the edit Schematron page, shows only the daffodil oid field when daffodil transformation is checked


From version 2.2.0, Schematron Validator can be used to validate flat files by calling Daffodil Transformation tool before running the schematron validator on the resulting XML file.