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  • [SCHVAL-135] [LUX] Problem with the compilation with schematrons typed ART-DECOR
  • [SCHVAL-136] Bug on the generation of xsl based on art-decor styled schematrons
  • [SCHVAL-156] Un-understandable error if XSD version is wrongly defined
  • [SCHVAL-157] If no XSD is defined for validation, it fails without explanation
  • [SCHVAL-159] Schematron Validator does not implement the CAS client properly
  • [SCHVAL-161] Review GazelleObjectValidatorWS structure
  • [SCHVAL-165] Mixing up between label, keyword, name of entities…
  • [SCHVAL-171] When adding or editing a Schematron, the path is not trimed
  • [SCHVAL-172] The validation stopped when there is a namespace URI that start by a number



  • [SCHVAL-166] Improve code and business location through the code for better unit-test coverage
  • [SCHVAL-168] Restructure validation result


All dependencies are up to date.


This version is compatible with 5.8.0 EVSClient version and more.