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  • [XDSTAR-476] The export button of AdhocQuery is public
  • [XDSTAR-477] When uploading a new AdhocMetadata, there is no message of success
  • [XDSTAR-490] Error in web service validation in the prod
  • [XDSTAR-510] When updating to gazelle-tools:3.0.25 or higher, fix dependencies to asm
  • [XDSTAR-571] Issues on reporting the result of XCPD ITI-55 transaction when initiating from the tool
  • [XDSTAR-572] ITI-41 request/response - validation popup panel is empty
  • [XDSTAR-582] ITI-61 request - mimeType is required
  • [XDSTAR-584] ITI-39 request/response - home CommunityId is required
  • [XDSTAR-586] SubmissionSet panel, patientId added is lost when clicking in Random fulfil button in DocumentEntry panel
  • [XDSTAR-587] ITI-41 request (XDW) issue with metadatas randomly fulfil
  • [XDSTAR-588] ITI-51 request/response - issue with XDSDocumentEntryStatus
  • [XDSTAR-591] RAD-69 request : all the fields are required to execute the transaction
  • [XDSTAR-646] /XD* Client/System testing/simulators/epsos-2/Provide Data Service/XDSTAR-215:XUA - Executed ON (ISO FORMAT): 2017-11-1




All dependencies are up-to-date.