Gazelle Security Suite

If you need to configure your firewall to receive messages issued by Gazelle Security Suite, the IP address to allow is


  • 2018-11-26:  Please read this ATNA Testing Information Page if you will be testing at an IHE NA or EU Connectathon in 2019
  • 2017-11-15 : ATNA Questionnaires can be updated if the system registration changes in Gazelle TM
  • 2017-09-06 : TLSv1.2 is now supported 


This tool is used for several ATNA-profile-related functions for Connectathons:

  • Generate digital certificates for pre-Connectathon & Connectathon testing
  • Complete your ATNA Questionnaire, including TLS testing and audit message validation
  • Send audit records to the Syslog Collector
  • Test your TLS implementation


Instructions for using this tool to obtain a digital certificate for Connectathon testing are found in test 11100. The CA certificate is available here. Please, add it to your truststore in order to be able to test with other Connectathon participants and Gazelle TLS simulators.


ATNA Questionnaires for Connectathon test systems are created using menu AuditTrail > ATNA Questionnaires. Find instructions in test 11106.


Simulates an ATNA Audit Record Repository to receive audit records.  Not intended for high volume testing.  Find instructions in test 11117.


For pre-Connectathon testing, this is test 11109.


To check your SUT as a consumer/client, the tool will act as a server.  You may connect to those TLS simulators :

Server address
DICOM server (AE Title RAD_OF or EYE_OF or CARD_OF) (
HL7 V2 server (
HTTPS server (
Syslog server (
Raw / Any server (
Example :

You can test accessing the DICOM server using the following command from dcmtk

echoscu -debug -aec RAD_OF -rc -pem +pw password +cf 2656.pem +tls client.key  client.pem 10006


To check your SUT as a provider/server, the simulator will act as a client.  You can start a connection from this TLS client simulator. You must be logged to start a connection.