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  1. Abstract Roles and purposeOfUse configuration, Add Sequoia handlers and providers, Move all IHE specific code from picketlink to this project, restore original dependency to org.picketlink. (detail)
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Not built PicketLink BOM Parent4 ms
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Not built PicketLink Apache DeltaSpike Extensions4 ms
Not built PicketLink Distribution3 ms
Failed PicketLink Federation Core4.4 sec
Success PicketLink Identity Management API4.2 sec
Success PicketLink Identity Management Drools Integration1.8 sec
Success PicketLink Identity Management Implementation4.8 sec
Success PicketLink IDM Parent0.48 sec
Success PicketLink Identity Management - Simple JPA Entity Model1.8 sec
Success PicketLink Identity Management Tests5.3 sec
Success PicketLink Main Implementation4.4 sec
Not built PicketLink Java EE 6 BOM4 ms
Not built PicketLink Java EE 7 BOM3 ms
Not built PicketLink JSON3 ms
Not built PicketLink OAuth4 ms
Success PicketLink Parent0.97 sec
Not built PicketLink REST3 ms
Not built PicketLink Social5 ms
 PicketLink Full JAR Distribution (didn’t run)
 PicketLink API (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Base Parent (didn’t run)
 PicketLink BOM Parent (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Build Configuration (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Common (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Config (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Apache DeltaSpike Extensions (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Distribution (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Federation Core (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Identity Management API (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Identity Management Drools Integration (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Identity Management Implementation (didn’t run)
 PicketLink IDM Parent (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Identity Management - Simple JPA Entity Model (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Identity Management Tests (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Main Implementation (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Java EE 6 BOM (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Java EE 7 BOM (didn’t run)
 PicketLink JSON (didn’t run)
 PicketLink OAuth (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Parent (didn’t run)
 PicketLink REST (didn’t run)
 PicketLink Social (didn’t run)