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  1. Update (detail)
  2. Update docs for FhirVal and ATC Repository release (detail)
  3. Documentation updated for Assertion Provider after 1.1.2 release (detail)
  4. update CDA Gen EVS GSS HPD user manual (detail)
  5. Update (detail)
  6. Update (detail)
  7. user manual validation (detail)
  8. ADR Simulator installation guide validation (detail)
  9. add missing documents and make files (detail)
  10. add release note for Patient Manager 9.11.4 (detail)
  11. Update (detail)
  12. fix typo (detail)
  13. Documentation added for XDS XCA Simulator (release note and empty manuals) (detail)
  14. Release note of 5.11.0 added and yaml header of user and installation manuals updated (detail)
  15. Release notes document header updated (detail)
  16. Update (detail)

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