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  1. Update tool version in header (details)
  2. Documentation on TM Import/Export (details)
  3. I added the installation manual and user manual for XDSMU and RMU (details)
  4. [ATCREPO-11] ATC Simulator documentation Rename folders (details)
  5. [ATCREPO-11] Update documentation (details)
  6. Add ATC Simulator documentation + Rename folders (details)
  7. Update documents version to be reviewed (details)
  8. Update document version to be reviewed (details)
  9. Update ATC Documentation (details)
  10. I updated the installation and user manual for RMU and XDSMU (details)
  11. I added ADR docuements (details)
  12. I added PPQ documentations (details)
  13. I added documentation for RMU and XDSMU (details)
  14. I added installation manual (details)
  15. I added user manual for assertion provider (details)
  16. I updated documentation (details)
  17. Updated GSS release-note with the new version 6.2.0. (details)
  18. Update release note GSS version 6.2.0. (details)
  19. I updated simulators endPoint (details)
  20. I added release note for ADR (details)
  21. I added release note (details)
  22. I added release note for XDS-MU and RMU (details)
  23. I added release note (details)
  24. Installattion and user manuals reviewed (details)
  25. Update Release note for 9.11.3 (details)
  26. Release notes opdated for GWT 1.7.0, ADR provider 1.3.0, PPQ Repository 1.3.0, RMU Simulator 1.3.0, ATC Simulator 1.2.1, AssertionProvider 1.1.0 (details)
  27. Update release note (details)
  28. Gazelle Webservice Tester user manual updated to mention the new Mock Messages feature, corresponding mocks user manuals updated too (details)
  29. Revert "Gazelle Webservice Tester user manual updated to mention the new Mock Messages feature, corresponding mocks user manuals updated too" (details)
  30. Revert "Revert "Gazelle Webservice Tester user manual updated to mention the new Mock Messages feature, corresponding mocks user manuals updated too"" (details)
  31. Versions updated for mock messages confs in mocks user manuals (details)
  32. Update version of the tool on user manual (details)
  33. Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'" (details)
  34. Revert deletion of Mock message on GWT sections in user manuals (details)
  35. Release note of Assertion Provider Simulator version 1.1.1 added (details)
  36. Update (details)
  37. Update (details)
  38. Update (details)
  39. Update (details)
  40. Update (details)
  41. Update (details)
  42. Update docs for FhirVal and ATC Repository release (details)
  43. Documentation updated for Assertion Provider after 1.1.2 release (details)
  44. update CDA Gen EVS GSS HPD user manual (details)
  45. Update (details)
  46. Update (details)
  47. user manual validation (details)
  48. ADR Simulator installation guide validation (details)
  49. add missing documents and make files (details)
  50. add release note for Patient Manager 9.11.4 (details)
  51. Update (details)
  52. fix typo (details)
  53. Documentation added for XDS XCA Simulator (release note and empty manuals) (details)
  54. Release note of 5.11.0 added and yaml header of user and installation manuals updated (details)
  55. Release notes document header updated (details)
  56. Update (details)
  57. Release note added for new 5.11.1 release (details)
  58. version-3.6.0 (details)
  59. create user manual for Get x-user assertion validator (details)
  60. Installation guide of TM updated for new mail server configuration (details)
  61. User manuals reviewed (details)
  62. Update (details)
  63. Update (details)
  64. Update (details)
  65. Update (details)
  66. Review Installation manuals [EHSBP-558][EHSBP-559][EHSBP-560] (details)
  67. Update to show las modified date in make view (details)
  68. Authentication Simulator : user manual added (details)
  69. [EHSBP-554] Review User Manual (details)
  70. Authentication Simulator : release note updated (details)
  71. Authentication Simulator : release note updated (details)
  72. XDSXCA Simulator : user manual added (details)
  73. [EHSBP-587] Review (details)
  74. Mock user manuals updated to include GWT mock messages feature informations (details)
  75. Wrong links updated for mock messages (details)
  76. Authentication Simulator : installation manual (details)
  77. User manuals reviewed (details)
  78. Gazelle STS release note for 1.2.0 added (details)
  79. Release date updated in Gazelle STS release note file (details)
  80. I added slony instruction in GMM doc (details)
  81. add the new vesrion (details)
  82. Release note for Test Management 5.12.0 added (details)
  83. Release not for 5.12.1 of TM added (details)
  84. Test management documentations headers updated (details)
  85. Update (details)
  86. Update (details)
  87. I updated the confidentiality code (details)
  88. Update release 1.3.4 (details)
  89. Update release 1.3.4 (details)
  90. GSS : release note 6.2.1 (details)
  91. Gazelle HL7 : release note 3.5.1 (details)
  92. HPD : release note 2.2.1 (details)
  93. EVSClient release note added, yaml headers updated (details)
  94. XDStarClient release note 2.5.0 added, headers updated for all the related documentation (details)
  95. GSS : release note 6.2.2 (details)
  96. EVSClient release note yaml header updated (details)
  97. Update (details)
  98. Update (details)
  99. Update (details)
  100. Update (details)
  101. Update (details)
  102. Update (details)
  103. Update (details)
  104. Update (details)
  105. Update (details)
  106. Update (details)
  107. Update (details)
  108. Update (details)
  109. Update (details)
  110. Updated doc for FHIR Validator 4.0.0 release (details)
  111. Fixed release number version (details)
  112. fixed FHIR VAL release date (details)
  113. Fixed release note date and remarks for FHIRVAL (details)

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