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Module Builds

Not built JSF Components Development kit5 ms
Not built Java Server Faces AJAX framework2 ms
Not built RichFaces project10 ms
Not built RichFaces Components2 ms
Not built Java Server Faces component generator5 ms
Not built Archetype - maven-archetype-jsf-component6 ms
Not built Archetype for jsf webapp project7 ms
Not built Archetype - maven-archetype-plug-n-skin6 ms
Not built maven-archetype-theme10 ms
Not built Maven plugin for JSF components code generation8 ms
Not built YUI Compressor Maven Mojo14 ms
Not built maven-resource-dependency-plugin3 ms
Not built maven-archetype-rf-facelets7 ms
Not built jsf-test2 ms
Not built Java Server Faces AJAX framework API8 ms
Not built Java Server Faces AJAX framework implementation8 ms
Not built Ajax4Jsf test framework10 ms
Not built beanValidator2 ms
Not built Calendar8 ms
Not built colorPicker7 ms
Not built columns4 ms
Not built combobox8 ms
Not built componentControl8 ms
Not built contextMenu3 ms
Not built Java Server Faces AJAX framework4 ms
Not built Data Filter Slider9 ms
Not built Extended data table and lists3 ms
Not built Data Scroller2 ms
Not built Drag and Drop4 ms
Not built Drop down menu10 ms
Not built Editor2 ms
Not built Effect9 ms
Not built extendedDataTable2 ms
Not built fileUpload7 ms
Not built functions5 ms
Not built Google map component9 ms
Not built hotKey4 ms
Not built inplaceInput2 ms
Not built inplaceSelect8 ms
Not built Input number slider4 ms
Not built Input number spinner6 ms
Not built insert6 ms
Not built jQuery Selectors6 ms
Not built layout8 ms
Not built listShuttle2 ms
Not built Menu components3 ms
Not built Message10 ms
Not built Modal panel6 ms
Not built orderingList2 ms
Not built Paint java 2D2 ms
Not built Panel10 ms
Not built Panel Bar6 ms
Not built Panel menu6 ms
Not built pickList6 ms
Not built progressBar57 ms
Not built RichFaces JSF components library4 ms
Not built Scrollable Data Table2 ms
Not built Separator components7 ms
Not built Toggle panel2 ms
Not built Spacer6 ms
Not built state10 ms
Not built Suggestion box3 ms
Not built Tab panel9 ms
Not built Toggle panel2 ms
Not built Tool bar3 ms
Not built tooltip2 ms
Not built Tree control11 ms
Not built Tree Model61 ms
Not built Virtual Earth7 ms

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