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Total of 74 tests. Where 0 passed, 0 failed, 0 were blocked and 74 were not executed.

List of test cases and execution result status

Test case IDTest case external IDVersionNameTest project IDExecution status
5066TM-3671Check user can not edit other companies information13Not Run
1022TM-3082Admin creates a new system13Not Run
392TM-1612Vendor admin creates a system13Not Run
1062TM-3252Vendor admin manages testing type requests13Not Run
591TM-2261Activate/Deactivate testing session13Not Run
394TM-1622Vendor consults system information.13Not Run
593TM-2271User switches to another testing session13Not Run
351TM-1692Vendor admin creates/edits system after registration period.13Not Run
990TM-2961Update user role13Not Run
1018TM-3062Delete contact13Not Run
2700TM-3412Delete contact13Not Run
992TM-2971Update user preferences13Not Run
1016TM-3052Edit contact13Not Run
356TM-1192Vendor creates a system13Not Run
1014TM-3042Create a new contact13Not Run
1058TM-3232Vendor admin consults system information13Not Run
996TM-2991Edit the account of a user13Not Run
358TM-1201Vendor admin checks system is properly registered13Not Run
1056TM-3221Vendor admin deletes a system13Not Run
998TM-3002Deactivate and block an account13Not Run
316TM-441Deactivate and block the account of a user13Not Run
716TM-2812Admin reviews thorough/supportive testing type13Not Run
1077TM-3302Admin consults system information13Not Run
1032TM-3132Vendor admin changes system's owner13Not Run
1075TM-3292Vendor manages testing type requests13Not Run
281TM-291Delete an institution13Not Run
283TM-1681Gazelle admin creates a new company13Not Run
360TM-1212Vendor admin adds AIPO13Not Run
1071TM-3272Vendor deletes a system13Not Run
362TM-1312Vendor admin checks for missing dependencies13Not Run
286TM-301Creation of Vendor Admin account and Institution13Not Run
1028TM-3112Admin registers a system for a demonstration.13Not Run
288TM-311Check the new account is not activated13Not Run
322TM-471Login with New password13Not Run
366TM-1542Vendor admin edit system summary.13Not Run
324TM-511Login with former password13Not Run
1024TM-3092Admin checks for missing dependencies13Not Run
402TM-1652Vendor deletes an AIPO13Not Run
326TM-461User updates his password13Not Run
404TM-1662Vendor edits system summary13Not Run
328TM-481User tries to block his account by provided the wrong password13Not Run
605TM-2332Add logs13Not Run
609TM-2352Consult test logs and grade test.13Not Run
291TM-321Gazelle admin validates vendor admin account13Not Run
370TM-1562Vendor admin registers system for demonstration13Not Run
297TM-341Create an account for a vendor user13Not Run
331TM-491Unblock user account13Not Run
4707TM-3642Vendor creates/edits system after registration period.13Not Run
730TM-2872Create invoice13Not Run
1036TM-3152Vendor checks for missing dependencies13Not Run
699TM-2752Admin disables system auto acceptance property and adds a system13Not Run
732TM-2882Update invoice13Not Run
2684TM-3402Edit contact13Not Run
1034TM-3142Vendor adds AIPO13Not Run
734TM-2892Delete invoice13Not Run
1050TM-3212Admin assigns table for the connectathon13Not Run
383TM-1292Admin adds AIPO13Not Run
581TM-2211Create a new testing session13Not Run
340TM-1221Account creation by a new user13Not Run
583TM-2221Edit testing session13Not Run
342TM-1231Check account is not activated13Not Run
387TM-1342Admin deletes an actor profile.13Not Run
585TM-2232List testing session13Not Run
344TM-1241Activation of user account13Not Run
301TM-371Add company informations13Not Run
389TM-1532Admin deletes all profiles/actors13Not Run
1048TM-3202Admin edits system summary.13Not Run
346TM-1251Vendor user can log in13Not Run
589TM-2251Delete testing session13Not Run
502TM-2162View list of Pre-CAT test for a system13Not Run
349TM-1282Admin deletes an existing system13Not Run
306TM-391Create an account for a monitor13Not Run
2659TM-3392Create a new contact13Not Run
708TM-2771Update user preferences13Not Run