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Pisa -Updates to sample mgmt to support 2011-style 'scrutiny' tests


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    • Affects Version/s: TestManagement-2.1-SR4
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      Dec 28 comments on implementation in Gazelle-NA2011-1.3.5-19359 -
      a. Per #1 below, you updated the 3 status values in the dropdown list that is selectable by a monitor grading samples. Once one of these values is selected by a connectathon monitor it is intended to be copied verbatim in parentheses next to the sample name. This is how vendors see the status.

      See the attached screen shot. When the monitor picks the new value "examined - sample not valid", what the vendor will see in parentheses is "not validated". He should see "(examined - sample not valid)". see jira.12.8.2.jpg attachment

      Likewise, when a monitor picks "EXAMINED - SAMPLE VALID", the vendor sees "(validated)"

      Finally, since it looks like we are not getting #2 below, ie having the vendor see "(not examined)" as a status next to his sample until a monitor changes it to something else, then I think we should remove the choice from the dropdown list that says "not examined".

      In other words, there should be 3 conditions:
      1. the vendor uploads a sample; there is no status value in parentheses next to that new sample; a monitor hasn't seen it yet
      2. a monitor looks at the sample and selects "EXAMINED - SAMPLE VALID" from the dropdown list. Now the vendor sees "(EXAMINED - SAMPLE VALID)" next to his sample (the consumers will this too
      2. a monitor looks at the sample and selects "examined - sample not valid" from the ropdown list. Now the vendor sees "(examined - sample not valid)" next to his sample

      Original contents of ithis Jira ssue follows below

      The following updates are requested to support the workflow between vendors submitting samples (primarily CDA docs, but also DICOM images...), and the monitors or project managers that will evaluate the samples.
      (1) Status Values
      There should be 3 values for the status of a sample:
      + not examined (***Note if (2) below cannot be done, do not include this status)
      + examined - sample not valid

      Please note that the difference in case is intentional. The first two status values should be in all lower case. The 3rd status value should be all upper-case. This will enable the good samples to be more easily identifiable when visually scanning a list of samples.

      The sample status values can be seen in the drop down list for a given sample. Please see "sample-status-values.jpg" screen shot attached.

      (2) Default status value
      When a vendor uploads a sample, it should automatically be given a status value of "not examined" by default.

      (***If this cannot be done, the sample, when first updated would have no status. This would imply "not examined", and we would teach that to people in a training webex)

      (3) Remove 'sample is ready' check box
      When a vendor uploads a new sample, there is a check box on the page labeled "Sample is ready to be used by other systems". Currently, if the box is not checked, the sample is is listed in red font on the sample list (but not visible to partners). If the box is checked, the font is blue.

      We could not think of a case where a vendor would upload a sample that s/he didn't want to be examined/used. If, indeed, a given sample is not ready, (ie has known problems), the vendor would have to delete and re-upload a sample anyway.

      It is also easy to leave the check box unchecked, when your intention is to have the sample examined. See screen shot "sample-is-ready-box.jpg"

      So, we are proposing removing this check box, unless a use case for its use can be identified. Thus, when a sample is uploaded, it is assumed to be ready for testing/evaluation.

      (4) appearance of samples on the list of available samples
      Today, the readiness of a sample is represented by a combination of font color and status in parentheses. We are proposing that this be replaced use of only status values in parentheses as follows.
      + vendor has uploaded a new sample / (not examined)
      + a monitor has found at least
         one error in the uploaded sample / (examined - sample not valid)
      + a monitor has found no errors
          in the uploaded sample / (EXAMINED - SAMPLE VALID)

      see screenshot display-of-status-values.jpg

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