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Rqmts for using DDS to contain "Connectathon Demographics" that systems must preload


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      Background information
      This issue is intended to clarify the requirements that would enable us to use the "Patient Generation

      & Sharing" function of gazelle as a means to distribute the "Connectathon Patient Demographics" to

      test systems that want them. I think some discussion will be needed to see what is possible for Pisa.

      For several years, connectathon managers have maintain an excel spreadsheet containing "Connectathon

      Patient Demographics" that we ask be pre-loaded on some test systems, eg Document Registries, PIX

      Managers, and others. These demographics are used in connectathon tests for several different

      profiles. The tests assume the test systems are pre-loaded with certain patient demographics. See

      attachment for example from NA2011 connecathon

      It would be good to have these patients available in gazelle demographics server so that vendors could

      use HL7v2 or HL7v3 to receive them.

      Important notes:
      1. Some of the demographics remain the same from connectathon to connectathon
      2. Some of the demographics have historically changed for each event, typically so that
             the patient name matches the vendor or system name. In the attached spreadsheet
             these are the ones marked "XDS.b/XDS=I.b" or "BPPC *" in Column A
      3. We would need entries for the same patient with different patient ID assigning authority
            (ie red, green, and blue domain) as shown in the attached spreadsheet.
      4. In a large database of patients in the gazelle patient demographics data set, we would
              need a way to distinguish those entries that those that must be "pre-loaded" on systems
              from the rest of the demographic entries.
      5. Not all connectathon systems that need these pre-loaded demographics can receive an HL7 feed,
              so I think we will still need to maintain the spreadsheet, or an equivalent. In that
              case, we will need a way to keep the two sources consistent.

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