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Patient Generation/Sharing: make it easier for systems to be linked to an Assigning Authority


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      I think we need to make it easier link a system in a test session with an Assigning Authority value defined in Patient Demographics and Sharing.

      (1) A user with vendor_user permissions has no ability to link his own test system(s) to an Assigning Authority so that it can receive generated patients with the right Assigning Authority value he wants (eg 'red', 'blue', and/or 'green' assigning authority value).

      GIving vendor_users (and vendor_admin_users) the ability to associate their systems with an affinity domain would allow me to give an instruction to users such as "if your system is a PIX Manager, link it with all available affinity domains in patient generation and sharing", or "I have assigned your XDS.b Registry to the 'red' domain, go into patient generation & sharing and link your system name with the Red assigning authority"

      (2) An admin_user can do this linking, but the only choice I have is to scroll through an alphabetical list of system names in the test session, and associate a subset of them with an assigning authority. When I go it to link systems to an assigning authority, what I want to be able to do is to first filter/find a list of systems supporting a certain profile/actor (eg PDQ/PDS) and then select from that list to link system names with the the assigning authority.




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