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PAT GEN: PreLoad patients to keep and delete


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      We discussed the possibility of deleting patients that were specific to the NA2012 connectathon (we may need to do the same thing for Bern patients later...).

      (1) Patients with these keywords should be deleted:
      - NA2013 XDS (these were the ones created before the problem in jira issue PATGEN-2)
      - BPPC Content Creator
      - BPPC Source Enforcement
      - XDS.b/XDS-I.
      - QED

      (2) Patients with these keywords do not change and are used for NA and EU connectathons:
      - SWF/MIMA
      - PIX/PDQ/PDO
      - XCPD
      - XDS.b Registry Dashboard
      - PDQ/PDQv3
      - PIX
      - PIXv3
      - PCD domain (not used in EU-CATs)
      - XCA
      - DSUB
      - MPQ
      - XUA

      (3) Now that we are in the 2nd year of using PATGEN for pre-load patient, I wish I had used keywords with this pattern:
      - SWF/MIMA
      - Preload PIX/PDQ/PDO
      - Preload XCPD
      - Preload XDS.b Registry Dashboard
      - Preload PDQ/PDQv3
      - Preload PIX
      - Preload PIXv3
      - Preload PCD domain (not used in EU-CATs)
      - Preload XCA
      - Preload DSUB
      - Preload MPQ
      - Preload XUA

      Ideally, this is what I would like to do for NA2013. Maybe it's not all possible...we can discuss this:
      1. Delete all patients under (1) above
      2. Modify the keywords as in (3) above
      3. Then, I will manually create patients just for the XDS Source systems for the NA2013 connectathon with keyword NA2013 XDS

      If this can be done, it would enable me to have simple instructions for NA2013 participants. The instructions would be:
      - if you are a PDQ or PAM Supplier, PIX Mgr, or XDS.b Registry, load these patients:
           -- patients with keyword containing "Preload"
           -- patients with keyword containing "NA2013 XDS"
      - if you are an XCA Gateway, load the "Preload XCA" patients
      - if you are testing MIMA, load the "SWF/MIMA" patients

      What do you think???




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