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NA2014: suggested simplifications for main connectathon page & test instances


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    • Affects Version/s: TestManagement-3.9-RC6
    • Fix Version/s: TestManagement-3.9-RC16
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      The main connectathon page is understandably complex. Here are a few suggestions to simplify it:

      (1) I don't think it is necessary to have the profile, actor and option name to be hyperlinks to the TF definitions. Removing the links would also enable the AIPOs to appear in black text which would improve readability on the page. I think the hyperlinks can be removed for the transactions, actors, options, and profiles within a test instance as well.

      (2) We don't need the version number in parenthesis next to the system name. This can be removed from the main connectathon page and from within a test instance.

      (3) In each white row containing an AIPO, there is a set of numbers that seem to be an aggregate of those below. I think those are of little value and should be deleted.

      If you want to keep the totals in the "V", "W", "P" and "F" columns, that would be OK, but I don't think the numbers in the "Partners" and "R/O" columns are very useful in the AIPO row (or, maybe I don't understand their purpose).

      (4) Within a test instance, within the test steps, I don't think we need a link to the test system or to the test system configuration. It is ok to have this in the section for Test Participants, but not in the test steps.

      (5) Don't need a link to the organization details in the Participating Systems table.

      In general, with all of these requests, I am trying to both simplify the display, and also minimize the possibility that a user mistakenly clicks something and a whole new browser tab is launched.




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