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      Lynn told me why you removed the ability to delete tests and test steps. My first comment is that I think you are going to have a similar issue if you allow me to change test steps by changing the transactions and / or partners. If you have documents or assertions linked to those and I decide to change step 20 to something entirely different, I think you will have issues.

      I have a longer term proposal. You add a flag to each test that indicates locked/unlocked.
      1) When the author changes the test status to "Ready", the test becomes locked. It cannot be deleted. Steps cannot be deleted. You can edit the text of a test. You can edit the text of a step. You cannot change the transaction or partners of a step. You cannot add/remove test participants.

      2) If you copy a test that was "Ready", the status of the copy would have to go to "To be completed" to make this work.

      3) If I decide I need to delete a step, add a participant or change a participant in a step, I need to unlock the test. This requires some thought. On my Mac, I just push the unlock button (to make me think about it some more). You might decide there is something the author has to do to make sure the test or steps are not referenced somewhere else.

      I don't really mind that I cannot delete a test. It is a bigger issue that I cannot delete a step, especially when I copy a test and prune out some of the steps.

      Not critical for today. This is a longer term idea.

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