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Removing an option from an actor/profile causes problems.


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      Maintenance 2017 (MAINTENANCE2017)


      A named option in QRPH gets used across multiple profiles, so I define the option once and reuse it. Tests are written based on that option in profiles A and B. Now, the author of A decides to remove the option from the profile and replace with a different option. Because I have shared that option with profile B, it is not as simple as deprecating the option because the option itself is still viable (in B). We are afraid to delete it from A because it will mess up tests that have been run in previous years.

      Let me give you a more simple case. Suppose that an option is defined and used in a single profile (C). Later, the profile author decides to remove that option from the profile. When this has happened to Lynn, she was also afraid to delete the option from the profile definition. Instead, she changed the option keyword and name to include the word DEPRECATED. This was a clue to people registering for Connectathons that they should not use it. Not optimal, but safe.

      Now, back to my issue and some further thoughts. Because it is hard to reuse options today (if a profile author changes their mind), I am inclined to make multiple options in GMM for the named option "beta". This leads to "BFDR-E beta" and "VRDR beta". I can certainly manage that and write tests appropriately. What we lose is when you eventually have reporting and allow someone to search your database for "all of the folks who have implemented the beta option". They would have to search for "BFDR-E beta" and "VRDR beta" and would wonder why those are different.

      Here is a proposal. We (Lynn, Steve) think it would be helpful that once an AIPO is created in GMM (and used for some time), that GMM give us the ability to mark that AIPO as deprecated. The option itself in GMM is still valid and can be used by other profiles. The AIPO (actor/profile specific) no longer shows up for Connectathon registration. Tests/results that used that AIPO could still be located because we did not delete it from the database.

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