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Could use spreadsheet of profiles selected for testing


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      Maintenance 2017 (MAINTENANCE2017)


      This is a nice to have, but it would be helpful.

      On the page that we use to manage a testing session, one of the controls allows me to add/remove profiles to the registration process. There is a button that allows me to add/remove all profiles for a domain; that is very helpful.

      We have some domains with deprecated profiles or profiles that are not deprecated but should not be offered for testing. It is very hard to find these in that part of the tool because of the number of profiles that we have.

      The suggestion is to add a button that gives a spreadsheet. It could have two tabs (one for selected for registration, one for not selected). It could also have a single tab with another column that indicates if the profile is selected or not.

      This would greatly simplify the process of double checking to make sure the profile list has been accurately created. It would also give us an automated tool that would allow the connectathon manager to publish a list of all profiles available for testing.

      Note that this work typically happens before a testing session is enabled. I cannot "switch" into the session to look for this information because the session is not enabled until this work is complete.

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