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Add support for RAW configuration type


    • Sprint:
      2018 - S5
    • Account:
      Technikum Wien 2 (TECHNIKUMW)


      Technikum Wien is exchanging binary messages. They need to use Gazelle configurations to automatically start proxy RAW Channels.

      Currently only HL7 V2 initiator, DICOM SCU, HL7 V3 responder, HL7 V2 responder, Syslog, HTTP, HL7 V3 initiator, DICOM SCP exist as configuration type. Those configurations are linked to HL7, DICOM, HTTP and SYSLOG proxy channels but none of them is linked to RAW channel.

      Please add a RAW configuration type linked to the proxy RAW channel type. Then make Gazelle TM able to call proxy to start a raw channel.

      THIS REPRESENT SEVERAL DAYS OF WORK, IT MUST BE DONE IN SVN BRANCHES! (do not block TM and model trunk few days before a Connectathon...)

      Here is the impacts/tasks identified

      * Gazelle Model, create new class RawConfiguration that extends AbstractConfiguration and extends ServerConfiguration (see SYSLOG example). We need if possible a transactionDescription String attribute to describe for each profile/actor the message type carried.
      * add in database a new "tm_configuration_type" entry with an update script
      * Define GUI form for adding config type to a profile (GMM - TF). See listConfTypedependingAllAIPO.xhtml and ConfigurationTypeMappingWithAIPOManager.java. Verify also displayConfigurationType method.
      * In All configuration pages (system configuration), update the table to display RAW configurations : update ConfigurationOverview.java for displaying, for duplicating. Update SystemConfigurationManager.java for TLS simulator link, for add/edition (see addConfiguration.xhtml).
      * Configuration generation: update GenerateSystemConfiguration.java
      * Start channels from TM: Verify configurations > network configuration overview, tab "Configure IPs and port for proxy", button "start all channels". Verify also channel is started when accessing a test instance. A SoapUI project exists in gazelle-proxy project.
      * Add/verify RAW configuration type on CSV generation

      When it will be ready (dev tested), prepare a BETA-TEST snapshot to deploy on technikum wien machine only. Do not merge the changes in the trunk or deploy this update on EU-CAT before or during the CAT.


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