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New Radiology codes to add to support REM-NM testing


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    • Fix Version/s: 5.0.2
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      2017 - S4
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      VENICE 2017 (VENICE2017)


      rBelow is a request for additional codes for Venice Radiology testing to support the REM-NM profile. There are three requests

      (1) Please add the following codes to (Ordering Codes for Radiology):

      <Concept code=“20200-1" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="PET/CT WHOLEBODY- 1 SPS”/>
      <Concept code=“20201-1" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="PET/CT Brain with FDG Injection”/>
      <Concept code=“20202" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="PET Perfusion”/>
      <Concept code=“20203" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="NM Perfusion”/>
      <Concept code=“20204" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="SPECT/CT WHOLEBODY”/>
      <Concept code=“20205" codeSystem="" codeSystemName="99IHE" displayName="Iodine 131 Therapeutic”/>

      (2) Please add orders to orderHierarchy4Radiology.xml:

       <Order universalServiceID="20200-1">
              <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20200-1" codeMeaning="PET/CT WHOLEBODY- 1 SPS" description="Positron emission tomography - computed tomography, wholebody - 1 SPS">
                  <ScheduledProcedureStep description="PET WHOLEBODY" modality="PT">
                      <ProtocolItem code="PET_WHOLEBODY" codeMeaning="SP PET WHOLEBODY_A1"
      <Order universalServiceID="20201-1">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20201-1" codeMeaning="PET/CT Brain with FDG Injection" description="Positron emission tomography - computed tomography, Brain with FDG Injection">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="FDG Injection for Brain Scan" modality="OT">
              <ProtocolItem code="FDG_Injection" codeMeaning="FDG_Injection_for_Brain_Scan"
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="PET Brain" modality="PT">
              <ProtocolItem code="PET_Brain" codeMeaning="SP PET Brain_A1"
      <Order universalServiceID="20202">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20202" codeMeaning="PET Perfusion"
              description="Positron emission tomography, Perfusion">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="PET Perfusion" modality="PT">
              <ProtocolItem code="PET_Perfusion" codeMeaning="SP PET Perfusion_A1"
        <Order universalServiceID="20203">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20203" codeMeaning="NM Perfusion"
              description="Nuclear Medicine, Perfusion">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="NM Perfusion" modality="NM">
              <ProtocolItem code="NM_Perfusion" codeMeaning="SP NM Perfusion_A1"
        <Order universalServiceID="20204">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20204" codeMeaning="SPECT/CT WHOLEBODY"
              description="Single photon emission tomography - computed tomography, wholebody">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="PET WHOLEBODY" modality="NM">
              <ProtocolItem code="SPECT_WHOLEBODY" codeMeaning="SP SPECT WHOLEBODY_A1"
        <Order universalServiceID="20205">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20205" codeMeaning="Iodine 131 Therapeutic"
              description="Iodine 131 Therapeutic, thyroid">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="Iodine 131 Therapeutic, thyroid" modality="NM">
              <ProtocolItem code="THERAPEUTIC_THYROID" codeMeaning="TP THYROID_A1"
        <Order universalServiceID="20206">
          <RequestedProcedure codingSchemeDesignator="IHE99" code="20206" codeMeaning="NM Lung"
              description="Nuclear medicine, lung">
            <ScheduledProcedureStep description="NM Lung" modality="NM">
              <ProtocolItem code="NM_LUNG" codeMeaning="SP NM LUNG_A1"

      (3) Finally, we need a new value set for Admitting Diagnosis Code. I would like this value set created now, and eventually I would like to have these avaliable in the Order Manager as a Return Key for DICOM Modality Worklist and added to the list of codes (https://gazelle.ihe.net/OrderManager/administration/valueSetManager.seam). I will write a separate Jira Issue for this. It would be GREAT if that could be done for Venice, but the request is very late and it may not be possible.

      For now, I have given it an id=“" but I don’t care what that value is.

      <RetrieveValueSetResponse xmlns="urn:ihe:iti:svs:2008">
      <ValueSet displayName="Admitting Diagnosis Code for Connectathon" version="20170307" id="">
      <ConceptList xml:lang="en-US">
      <Concept code="DIAG-001" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Metastasis from malignant tumor of bone"/>
      <Concept code="DIAG-002" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Metastasis from malignant tumor of stomach
      <Concept code="DIAG-003" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Metastasis to lung of unknown primary"/>
      <Concept code="DIAG-004" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Metastasis to brain of unknown primary"/>
      <Concept code="DIAG-005" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Breast neoplasm screening abnormal"/>
      <Concept code="DIAG-006" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Mammographic difference in number of calcifications"/>
      <Concept code="DIAG-007" codeSystem="99IHE" displayName="Breast neoplasm screening abnormal"/>

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