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LTW-TRM: LAB-3: OBX-8, OBX-18 and OBX-19 fields raise errors


    • Type: Technical task
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    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0-GA
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      Sprint 6


      Executing Test 30006 (LTW - Test Result Management) - subpart: Order
      Filler (LAB-3), I have sent following message:
      Permanent link to test report http://gazelle.ihe.net/OrderManager/rest/GetReport?id=539
      and got understanding 3 errors.

      1. Location OBX-8
      Description Abnormal Flags must have no more than 1 repetitions (has
      2): Segment: OBX Field #8

      In the documentation, this field is described as repeatable:
      "OBX-8 Abnormal Flags (IS)
      Definition: This field contains a table lookup indicating the normalcy status of the result. We strongly recommend sending this value when applicable. (See ASTM 1238 review for more details). Refer to User-defined Table 0078 -
      Abnormal flags for valid entries. When the laboratory can discern the normal status of a textual report, such as chest X-ray reports or microbiologic culture, these should be reported as N when normal and A when abnormal. Multiple codes, e.g., abnormal and worse, would be separated by a repeat delimiter, e.g., A~W.

      OBX-8 Abnormal Flags (IS), required if available. This field is required when applicable. This field is repeatable in the IHE Laboratory Framework as in the standard."

      2. Location OBX--1
      Description Field 18 in OBX appears in the message but not in the
      profile: Segment: OBX

      In the documentation, this field is described as optional: "OBX-18 Equipment Instance Identifier (EI), optional."

      3. Location OBX--1
      Description Field 19 in OBX appears in the message but not in the
      profile: Segment: OBX

      According to the documentation, this field should be filled in if OBX-5 is filled in (which is the case) "OBX-19 Date/Time of the Analysis (TS), required if available. This field should be valued when the OBX-5 field (Value field) is also valued."

      Is it possible to verify if these error messages confirm the specifications.

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