Release Notes - Gazelle Test Management - Version TestManagement-3.4-GA - HTML format

Technical task

  • [GZL-156] - Check automatically TF dependencies when you remove a profile/actor (clicking on Remove link)
  • [GZL-444] - Management of public ip address.
  • [GZL-1574] - when marking 'supportive' on the profile/actors tab, sometimes you are forced to use an option row
  • [GZL-2005] - It is possible to delete a "None" option row & leave row containing an actual option. This is a problem for system registration
  • [GZL-2327] - "Add it!" via missing dependencies dialog doesn't add a entry with a NONE option


  • [GZL-1083] - Grading by actor forces me to scroll through all actors, not just those that are registered
  • [GZL-1784] - Fault in Application Manager when checking for GMM
  • [GZL-2087] - Unhashed password sent
  • [GZL-2267] - Verified test count differs between Gazelle Test Managment dashboard and Connectathon report
  • [GZL-2316] - NA2013: most recent drools file not configured
  • [GZL-2318] - NA2013: after upload of pre-Connectathon log, change of status then "Save" fails
  • [GZL-2328] - We should not copy table location when copying a system from a previous session
  • [GZL-2331] - Add an existing system in a session should only present active session
  • [GZL-2333] - confusing difference when when adding vs importing systems from a different test session
  • [GZL-2334] - User preference "Display your email addr to everybody?" is not respected
  • [GZL-2336] - Options registered for a system/actor profile


  • [GZL-196] - Addition of a drools server
  • [GZL-442] - IP Address assignements
  • [GZL-1830] - TM - Test of Jboss-2.2.1.Final on gazelle
  • [GZL-2308] - NA2013: Configuration/Certificates menu points to Bern cert info
  • [GZL-2310] - NA2013: cannot import system from previous test session
  • [GZL-2311] - Update explanation of Financial contact from Manage Contacts page; can't add financial contac from that pg
  • [GZL-2312] - NA2013: Enable generation of Profile Coverage PDF report
  • [GZL-2313] - NA2013: uploaded DICOM CS is not accessible
  • [GZL-2317] - NA2013: update directory to enable upload of photo into user preferences.


  • [GZL-1504] - consider adding tooltip with test participants to test instance link on connectathon & results page
  • [GZL-1915] - NA2016: refine the list of system keywords
  • [GZL-2078] - Gazelle patient generation and sharing should allow for searching by patient ID
  • [GZL-2304] - Change "Options are not graded" to "Option not graded"
  • [GZL-2324] - For a vendor user, Registration/Session Dashboard & Configuration/Network Config Overview pages are the same

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