Getting the list of test to be performed

This screen capture presents the Pre-connectathon test overview page in gazelle.  The page is accessed through the menu : Connectathon->Pre-Connectathon Testing.

It shows the list of systems registered by the Organization, and for each system :

  • the number of tests to do
  • the number of tests to complete
  • the number of tests verified

Click on the link in the: "Number of tests to do" column in order to view the detailled list of test to be executed for each system:



If you have a long list of tests, use the filters at the top.

Each row in the table represents one pre-Connectathon test and contains:

  • a test identifier, usually a number.  Hover your mouse over the test number to see a tooltip containing the test name
  • a globe icon which is a link to the detailed description for the test.  These test descriptions exist on several different websites, depending on the tool used.
  • the profile, actor, and option the test applies to
  • Optionality.  R=the pre-Connectathon test is required.   O=the pre-Connectathon test is optional.
  • Status of the test
    • Running--you are still working on it
    • Verified by vendor--you have run the test, confirmed that the results are good, and uploaded evidence of that result (eg a log file, screen shot)
    • Completed, with errors--you have run the test, but some problems occurred--either with the tool or with your implementation.  You have made a comment in the test explaining the error.
    • Supportive--you have registered for supportive testing.  Selecting this status is a signal to connectathon management that you are choosing to skip this test (but you could perform it if you wish).
  • A link to enable you to "Return a log file"

To learn how to submit results for a pre-Connectathon test, click on "Return logs for performed tests" below.