Return logs for performed tests

 The general process for performing a pre-Connectathon test instance is:

  1. Read the Test Description (test steps). This is found by clicking the globe icon in the test.
  2. Access the tool used for this test (if applicable).  An index to all IHE tools is here:
  3. Perform the test.
  4. Capture evidence of your success; this may be a log file output by the tool, a screen capture showing success, or a text file you create that describes your successful result.
  5. Upload the result file into gazelle using the 'Upload a file' button.  You can 'drag and drop' a file onto the button, or use your file browser to select the file.
  6. Change the status of the test
  • Running:  you are still working on it
  • Verified by vendor:  you have run the test, confirmed that the results are good, and uploaded evidence of that result (eg a log file, screen shot)
  • Completed, with errors:  you have run the test, but some problems occurred--either with the tool or with your implementation.  You have made a comment in the test explaining the error.
  • Supportive:  you have registered for supportive testing.  Selecting this status is a signal to connectathon management that you are choosing to skip this test (but you could perform it if you wish).

This screen capture presents an example pre-Connectathon test instance in gazelle: