Monitors Administration

The monitors are the persons who are present during the testing event to verify the tests performed by the SUT operators. The recruitment process is not descibed there neither the work of the monitor. This section focuses on how to set persons as monitor, how to say to which testing session they attend and how to create their list of tests, it means, what are the tests they will have to verify during the event.

First of all, all the users in Test Management who are aimed to be a monitor for a testing session shall have the "monitor_role" role. Refer to the User Administration part if you do not know how to grant users.

Then, under the Administration --> Manage --> Manage monitors, there are two entries. The first one "Manage monitors" will be used to link the users with role "monitor-role" to a testing session and then assign them a list of tests. The second entry "Assign monitors to tests" is useful if you want to assign a batch of monitors to a batch of tests.


Manage monitors

This page lists the monitors already link to the current testing session (the one you are currently logged into). For each monitor, beside his/her contact and connection information, you will get the number of tests which have been assigned to him/her. Note that above the table is given the number of monitors registered for the current event.

In the last column, buttons are available to view the detail of a monitor test list, print this test list, edit it or unassign the user from the list of monitors (the red cross).

When you edit the test assignments of a monitor, the list of already assigned tests is displayed, you can remove some of them by hitting the red cross. If you want to add some more, use the "Edit Test Assignment" button, il will open a new panel. You can filter the test either by domain, integration profile or actor. First select the criteria type, then select one domain or integration profile or actor and pick up the tests to assign to the current monitor.

At the bottom of the page, two buttons are available : the first one will open the "Assign monitors to tests" page and the second one opens a new panel in which you can pick up the users to add to the list of monitors. Monitors are sorted by organization. When you have made your choice, do not forget to hit the "Add monitors to activated session" button (bottom right corner); this button shall be hit before moving to another organization.


Assign monitors to tests

If you prefer to assign the monitors to a list of tests instead of assigning a list of test to a monitor, you can use this feature.

First, select a sub set of tests by applying filters. Then, click on the green tick in the Selection column. If you click on the icon located in the table header, it will select all the tests currently displayed in the table. To unselect a test / all the displayed tests, hit the grey tick.

When at least one test is selected, the number of monitors assigned to this selection is displayed below the table. Note that if several tests are selected, the number displayed represents the intersection of the monitors assigned to each test. If at least one monitor is assigned, the list is displayed below the table.

From this point, you can modify the list of monitors by clicking on the button "Modify list monitors", pick up the ones to add (or to remove) and it the "Save modifications" button.