Concepts -- sample sharing

Gazelle has a feature that allows participants in a testing session to share sample objects with other participants.

In Gazelle a "sample" is any object or message that an application creates and is used by another application. Typical samples include: 

  • DICOM object
  • ISO image of DICOM CD-ROM or DVD
  • CDA documents
  • XDW documents
  • HL7 messages
  • ...others...

Gazelle Test Management uses the profiles and actors selected during Connectathon System Registration to determine which systems are 'creators' of samples and which system are 'consumers' of samples

Creators upload a file containing their sample into Gazelle.

Creators may use the Gazelle EVSClient tool to perform validation of the sample.

Consumers find samples uploaded by their Creator peers.  Consumers download the samples and are able to test them with their application.

The following pages in this section detail how to upload, validate and access samples in gazelle.