Verifying samples using Gazelle EVSClient

After creators upload their sample file(s) into gazelle, it is possible to validate that content using the Gazelle EVSClient tool.  (Note that Gazelle has validators many sample types, but not all.)

On the "Samples to Share" tab, find the entry for the file uploaded.  Clicking on the green arrow will call the Gazelle EVSClient application:

In the EVSClient application, select the proper validator from the dropdown list.  In this example, we are validating a DICOM image:


Depending on the type of sample you are validating, you may need to choose the tool and execute the validation.  The results will appear at the bottom of the page:


And, here is a screen shot of a the validation result for a CDA document.  The gazelle EVSClient shows a "permanent link to the sample".  You may be asked to provide that link as evidence for a test case.  The validation status and details appear at the bottom.


Finally, note that you can use the EVSClient application directly.  See these EVSClient tests: