Basic Terminology

Test Types

No Peer

  • Test run by your self. There is no need of a test partner to run this type of test
  • Used for conformance testing of artefacts (document, messages) that the SUT can produce.
  • No peer tests are usualy pre-requisite to Peer to Peer tests.

Peer to Peer

  • Test run with one or two partners SUT. 
  • Test scheduled by SUT manager.

Group Test

  • Test run with a larger group of SUT 
  • Test scheduled by management

Thorough / Supportive

See more information there. The Thorough / Supportive testing mode is defined at registration time.

Thorough Testing

  • For those who do not qualify for Supportive Testing. The default testing mode.

Supportive Testing

  • For profiles in Final Text
  • For Actor / Integration Profile / Option that have been tested by the vendor in a past connectathon
  • There must be a published integration statement
  • Used for participants who would like to help partners

Test / Test Instance


A definition of a test involving one or more IHE actors in one or more profile.

Test Instance

One instance of a test with specific test partners