How to configure jpa-identity-store

If there is this warning message when a Gazelle application is launching :

Warn :[IdentityManager] no identity store available - please configure an identityStore if identity management is required

You need to add in components.xml file of the WEB-INF directory of your main WAR, the following lines


In user class, add annotations :

  • @UserPrincipal on getUsername()
  • @UserFirstName on getLastname()
  • @UserLastName on getFirstname()
  • @UserPassword on getPassword()
  • @UserRoles on getRoles()

Make sure that you have the following setter methods: setUsername, setLastname, setFirstname, setPassword and setRoles.

In role class, add annotation :

  • @RoleName on getname()

Now the warning message disappeared.

If you also get a warning concerning <security:identity/> and the authenticate method, add the following in your components.xml

<security:identity authenticate-method="#{authenticator.authenticate}"/>