21 Aug 2014

OrderManager updated to support SWF.b

Submitted by aberge

The Gazelle team has enhanced the OrderManager tool : by now, you can check your implementation of the SWF.b profile. Actually, the tool is now able to exchange OMG and OMI messages with your system under test, for the following transactions:

  • RAD-2 : Placer Order Management
  • RAD-3 : Filler Order Management
  • RAD-4 : Procedure Schedule
  • RAD-13 : Procedure Update

Note that the tool is not yet able to handle ADT messages in version HL7v2.5.1

The process flow remains the same as for the SWF profile, simply tick the "Send HL7v2.5.1 messages ?" checkbox when configuring the simulator to send messages to your system or send HL7v2.5.1 messages to the tool.

You can also read the documentation for detailed information.