3 Dec 2014

Apply as monitor for the European connectathon

Submitted by aberge


2015 European connectathon will be held in Luxembourg City, from April, 20th to April, 24th. Participant registration period has just started and it is also time to recruit our monitors for this coming event.

We would kindly ask those of you who want to participate to apply through our monitor recruitment form by January, 30th 2015. Please make sure that you will be available for the entire week.
Only applications received through this form will be taken into account when we will make our choice, based upon the profiles tested at the connectathon and the estimate workload. Unfortunately, we will probably not be able to accept all the applications.
The complete list of successful applications will be published by the end of February, so that you can book your trip to Luxembourg.

This form is part of Gazelle website and you will need to be logged in to access it. Users are no more allowed to create a new account by their own so do not hesitate to contact me and I can create a new account for you.

We are looking forward to see you again in Luxembourg,

Best regards

Anne-Gaëlle, in behalf of the Gazelle development team