Creating and managing user accounts for an organization

A "user" is person with a login and password to access the Gazelle Test Management tool.   A user in Gazelle is always linked to an organization.  A user can only view/modify information for that organization.

Creating a new user account

To create a new user, go to the home page of Gazelle Test Management and click on the link "Create an account"

 Then you need to fill the form with valid information.

If your organization is already entered in gazelle, select it from the "Organization Name" dropdown list; otherwise select "New company" as the "Organization Name" in to create a new organization in Gazelle.

Whn you complete the user information, an email is then sent to you to confirm your registration.

The user account is not activated until a user in your organization with admin privileges in Gazelle activates your account.

User privileges in Gazelle

If you are registered as a user with 'vendor' privileges in Gazelle (the default), you can manage the tests and configurations for your organization's test systems.

If you are registered as user with 'admin' privileges in Gazelle, you are able to :

  • manage users related to your organization (activate/de-activate accounts)
  • manage contacts to your organization
  • manage the testing session participants
  • manage contracts and invoice

Managing your organization's user account as a "vendor_admin" user

As an admin user you can manage the users in your organization from Gazelle menu Registration -> Manage users

You can use this form to activate or de-activate user accounts, or update email or password for a user.