5 Jan 2018

Apply for being a monitor at Den Haag connectathon this April

Submitted by aberge


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of Gazelle team, we wish you a wonderful New Year.

It is still time to apply for being a monitor at the next European Connectathon.

This year, the event will be held at Den Haag (The Netherlands) from April, 16th to April, 20th.

May you be interested in joining the amazing monitor team, fill out the application form at https://gazelle.ihe.net/content/monitor-recruitment-form-hague-2018

You will need an account on Gazelle website to access this form; if you do not have one yet, contact either Hilary or Anne-Gaëlle.

Best regards

Hilary & Anne-Gaëlle 

Further information

IHE Europe Connectathon page:
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