Connectathon Monitors

Connectathon Monitors

Monitors are volunteer domain experts who assist the Connectathon Manager in overseeing testing.

  • They develop special expertise in an IHE domain or set of profiles
  • They verify test results and record them in testing management system (Gazelle)
  • They help clarify requirements when necessary
  • They are neutral arbiter without affiliation to any organizations participating in testing.

Monitor Qualifications

Usually the monitor qualifications are among the followings

  • IT administrator with a technical background involved in daily integration issues
  • Used to reading log messages and dump files from devices to troubleshoot issues
  • Willingness to read details of Integration Profiles and base standards
  • Skeptical, but with sense of humor and positive attitude
  • Ability to multi-task and work under stress
  • Interested in helping identify and resolve issues

Monitor Recruitment

Monitors are recruited from major health IT professional societies and provider organizations.

The North American and European connectathons require a team of about 40 to 50 monitors.Sponsors provide training and support for travel expenses to Connectathon.

A call  for volunteer monitors is issued few month ahead of the connectathon. In both Europe and North America, the monitors who are candidates for a connectathon fill out an application form prior to being selected. 

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