[Deprecated] GMM - Gazelle Master Model


Warning: This documentation is out-dated, newest version of the documentation is available at https://gazelle.ihe.net/gazelle-documentation/Gazelle-Master-Model/user.html

The gazelle master model manages the sharing of the model information to be used by the different Gazelle instances. Gazelle database consist of more than 190 tables. Gazelle instances are running as slaves of the master model and can request updates from the master. 

Gazelle Master Model

Instances of Gazelle 

Edition of the Technical Framework Concepts / Test definitions / Meta Tests / Dependencies. (available)

Module that allows the user to create/read/update/delete/deprecate concepts in the master data model.

Sharing of Technical Framework (available)

Each gazelle instance can get the update of the Technical Framework concepts from the master models.

Sharing of Test definitions (available)

As for IHE Technical Framework concepts, sharing of test definitions is possible through the Gazelle Master Model.

Sharing of samples (available)

Samples are used by the connect-a-thon participants to share images and documents between the creator and reader without using transactions. Files are stored into Gazelle and can be downloaded by other users. Numerous types of samples are defined, the ones are stored in Gazelle Master Model. Sharing of Links to technical referencies (available) Link (URL) to reference documents can be associated to Domain, Profile, Transactions and tupple Actor/Profile/Option. Those links are share through GMM with the clients.