Gazelle testbed also offers applications known as simulators. Those tools implement IHE actors and exchange data with systems under test in the context of IHE transactions. Available online all year long, you can use our simulators to test the IHE interfaces of your systems off the connectathon periods. Using those tools, you will also be able to check the conformance of the messages issued by your system; actually, the simulators are configured to call the validation services offered by Gazelle.

Important Reminder

When you are testing against one of the Gazelle simulators, you are exchanging messages over the Internet. In order to ensure that your system will be able to communicate with our tools, please make sure that your firewall settings enable Gazelle to access to your system and that you have provided Gazelle with a public IP address. Read more about IPv4 networking consideration in Wikipedia. As a reminder, this is the list of private ranges of IP addresses, the ones that Gazelle is not able to reach.


List of simulators

see Simulators section of the Gazelle user guide

Simulated profiles and actors

Communication with gazelle

Gazelle communicates with the simulators using web services calls. A simulator thus needs to expose some specific webservice API. The API allow gazelle to inform the simulator of the test instance participants and to provide relevant participants configuration to the simulator and to ask the simulator about feedback of the message exchanged between the simulator and the other test participants.

All simulators should have the method startTestInstance, to create a new interaction between the simulator and a system under test. After establishing a communication with the simulator, gazelle sent configuration of partners of the simulator on the test using another web service method: setTestPartenerConfiguration. If the simulator is an initiator, gazelle use the web service method sendMessage to force the simulator to execute the test.

Developers interested in the development of new simulator should visit the Gazelle Simulator Developer Guide