10 Oct 2010

Thanks to the work of Aurelie, who spend the summer with us, we now have a new web site for the Gazelle project. 

The new site makes use of drupal and is thus proposing much more functionalities than the previous site made only of html pages. 

  • Visitors can now comment our content
  • We/You can post content of interest for the community.
  • We have an RSS feed
  • Site has not searching capabilities, content indexing...

In other word we now have a real CMS for the Gazelle project. 

6 Oct 2010

Thanks to Zheng Jianli (郑建立) we are now offering the generation of dummy patient data for China within the Demographic Data Server application.

Please visit the documentation of the tool to find out how to use it as web service and feed your SUT with dummy patient data.


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